Concierge service in dentistry should be the norm, but at the moment, it is a rare and special treatment, offered only by top notch practices such as West Hills Smiles. Our message to new patients is, “Simply put yourself in the hands of the concierge, relax and don't worry about anything. The only thing you should be concerned about is enjoying the experience. If you want something, please ask.”

Concierge dentistry focuses on four things:

Outstanding care

Of course, our primary goal is to provide you with top-quality dental services. we will perform personalized procedures using the latest in dental technology.


Patient-dentist communication is the foundation of good dental care. Dr. Reyhani and Dr. Hakimzadeh will thoroughly explain your dental health and treatment options. Then you can collaborate to design your treatment plan.


We understand that life is busy. We offer efficient scheduling, and we use time-saving technology to make your treatment faster and minimize your wait time.


We believe dental care should be a pleasant, stress-free experience. If there is something we can do to make your treatment more enjoyable, our in-house concierge is ready to provide it. In short, at West Hills Smiles, your wish is our command.

Our Office

Our practice is beautifully furnished and equipped with plenty of amenities. From the moment you step in the door, we want you to feel relaxed and at home. Our complimentary beverage bar is stocked with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Our fish tank adds to the pleasant, soothing atmosphere. You can also use our free Wi-Fi during your brief wait. Once in the treatment room, you will enjoy our additional amenities. Blankets and pillows will keep you warm and comfortable, and you can freshen up with a hot towel after your appointment. Additionally, you can stay relaxed and entertained during your visit, thanks to our flat-screen TVs in every treatment room.

Dr. Hakimzadeh wishes for patients to take further advantage of the services they offer. “Our patients know that we want to accommodate their every need. We’ll customize your appointment, Providing your favorite magazine and prepare a special drink while you wait, handling paperwork, , arrange a car and driver, put on your music playlist. No request is too small or too large. Really.”

Just Ask the Concierge

Are you missing something that would make your treatment more convenient or comfortable? Our concierge is ready to provide whatever you need, and no request is too large or small. You could ask for a ride to and from your appointment, a special drink, or a unique playlist of soothing songs. We understand that life is stressful. Dental care should not be. Thanks to our outstanding services, you will never think of dental treatment in the same way.