What Is ClearCorrectTM?

ClearCorrectTM is a state-of-the-art treatment that can straighten your smile using a series of clear aligners. At West Hills Smiles, we are proud to be one of the top ClearCorrectTM providers in the area. If you choose this treatment, Dr. Ben Reyhani or Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh will take pictures and digital impressions of your smile. Then your dentist will send this data to a ClearCorrectTM lab, where technicians can design aligners made just for you. Each aligner will exert a deliberately calculated force on your teeth. As you progress through the series of trays, your teeth will gradually assume straighter, healthier positions. Before you start to wear the trays, you will wear Phase Zero aligners. These devices will not actually put any pressure on your teeth, but they will help you get accustomed to the feel of the trays in your mouth. It will typically take 12 to 18 months to see the final results of your treatment.

Am I a Candidate for ClearCorrectTM?

ClearCorrectTM can address most mild to moderate orthodontic issues. If you have slightly crooked teeth, the aligners can give you a beautiful, younger-looking smile. You may also benefit from ClearCorrectTM if you suffer from a more severe form of malocclusion, such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite. Your West Hills dentist will provide a thorough consultation to determine your candidacy for this treatment.

What Are Clear Aligners Made of?

ClearCorrectTM trays are made of Zendura®, a 100% biocompatible form of medical-grade polyurethane. This innovative material is incredibly thin, making your aligners virtually undetectable.

Will ClearCorrectTM Treatment Hurt?

When you first start to wear a new aligner, you may feel a slight pressure. However, this feeling will typically dissipate over the three weeks that you wear the tray.

What Do I Do If My Clear Aligners Do Not Fit Correctly?

If your new aligner does not fit comfortably or snugly, your teeth may not have shifted enough for the next aligner. You may need to wear your previous aligner for a few more weeks to complete that step of the treatment. Alternatively, if you have had previous restorative work, your crowns could prevent the aligners from fitting correctly. Engagers, or “buttons,” may correct this problem.

Can I Receive Clear Aligners If I Have Bruxism?

Unfortunately, if you habitually grind your teeth, ClearCorrectTM at West Hills Smiles may not be the optimal treatment for you. Grinding can wear down the aligners, so that they will no longer exert enough force on your teeth. In some cases, however, Dr. Reyhani or Dr. Hakimzadeh can provide extra aligners to replace the ones damaged by teeth grinding.

Should I Choose ClearCorrectTM or Invisalign®?

Both ClearCorrectTM and Invisalign® can be great options for your smile. Ultimately, the one you choose will depend on your health needs, cosmetic goals, personal preferences, and your dentist’s recommendation. At your first consultation, your West Hills dentist will explain more about both treatments and help you select the right one for you.